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Videos are the most powerful tool on social media today.

Videos are the most powerful tool on social media today. YouTube is getting bigger everyday. Just look at the search function and you will notice more videos than photos. Videos has an outstanding way of moving people.

The best tips before recording your video!
1. Front load the video- you need a start where people stick around. Within the 15 first seconds start with a hook. You need to give your audience some little teaser on what is going to happen if they watch the video. Remember: You need 50% retention which means the viewer needs to watch 50% of the video in order to last on your YouTube channel.

2. Make sure to end the video with a wrap so that the viewers know that you are done with the video. Say something like- that’s it for now see you in tomorrow’s video or a teaser so that the viewers are ready to come back. 

You have to think of your everyday life as story. Even the most simplistic day can become a vlog. Everyone’s life is different and capturing. Make sure to be real, the audience want authentic videos. Record the struggles in life as well as the happy moments. 

Keep in mind, videos can generate x 3 the amount of inbound links than a photo!

// Madeleine, We Brand You Play

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